Representing major mills in Europe, the Far East and the Americas, ATP offers competitive pricing on superior products and a high level of customer service.

We offer a broad range of single and
double-sided adhesive tapes:


Aisle Marking Tapes
Aluminum Foil Tapes
Appliance Tapes
Application Tapes
Bag Sealing Tapes (UPVC)
Barricade Tapes
Bookbinding Tape
CablZone Tapes
Camouflage Tape
Carpet Tapes (Double Coated)
Carton Sealing Tapes
Cellophane Tapes
Circuit Board Tapes
Conspicuity Tapes
Copper Foil Tapes
Differential Adhesive Tapes
Dry Vinyl Tapes
Duct Tapes
Electrical Tapes
Electroplating Tapes
Extended Liner Tapes
Filament Tapes
Flatback Paper Tapes
Fluorescent Tapes
Foam Tapes
Friction Tapes
Gaffers Tapes
Glass Cloth Tapes
Glazing Tape
“Glow in the Dark” Photoluminescent Tapes
Graphic Arts Tapes
Gummed Paper Tapes
Hazard Identification Tapes
High Bond Tapes
High Temperature Masking Tape
Invisible Mending Tape
Kraft Paper Tape
Label Protection/Lamination TapesPlumbing pipeWrap Tape
Lead Foil Tapes
Magnetic Tapes
Masking Tapes
Mending Tapes
Mylar Polyesters
Office Supply Tapes
Pipe Thread Seal Tapes (PTFE)

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Product Data Catalog #33

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adhesive tapes

Pipe Wrap Tapes
Plate Mount Tapes
Polyester Film Tapes
Polyethylene Film Tapes (LDPE/UHMW)
Polyimide Tapes
Pouch Tapes
Premask Tapes
Printed Carton Sealing Tapes
Produce Tapes (UPVC)
Reflective/Retroreflective Tapes
Safety Tapes
Security Tapes
Silicone Splicing Tapes
Skid Resistant Tapes
Skived PTFE Tapes
Splicing Tapes
Stationery Tapes
Strapping Tapes
Striped Safety Tapes
Tamper Evident Tapes
Thread Seal Tapes
Transfer Tapes
Velcro® Tapes
Vinyl Tapes (SPVC)
Water Activated Paper Tapes

Also available:


Custom Printed Tapes
Dispensers & Replacement Parts
Packing List Envelopes
Stretch Film Hand Wrap